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Plastic Fabrication

Online Catalogue |  Plastic Fabrication

Plastic Fabrication Working with all types of plastics and other materials Acrylic Sheet Direct offer a fabrication service that includes rebating, scoring, etching, engraving, curves, cut-outs, edge polishing (diamond & flame) and much more

Some of the applications include:
Lettering, Signage / Logos, Display Cases, Furniture, Desktops, Doors, Decorative Panels, Boat Windows, Leaflet Holders, Fish Tanks & Aquariums, Protective Guards.

If you have an application that is not listed on the site, please give us a call for a quote on 0115 943 0100
CNC Routing

Acrylic Sheet Direct offer a full CNC routing service, machining many different materials including:

foam PVC
and more...
CNC Routing
Diamond Edge Polishing
Diamond Edge Polishing

Diamond Polishing

Offering a specialist diamond polishing service for all your acrylic projects

If you need a professional finish for cosmetic purposes or for bonding we will provide a quality polished edge every time

High precision polishing up to 50mm we ensure a smooth and clear edge

Flame Polishing

Perfect for edges that are not uniform, the process transforms an unfinished surface into one that is clear, smooth and glass like. Flame polishing can remove scratches and is a great way to cosmetically improve the looks of worn and old plastic parts

Online Catalogue |  Plastic Fabrication

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